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欧洲杯平台app下载_中超保级大战的X因素:当人脉不再有效 教练和外援成为关键

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This year's Super League relegation battle, although only 1.5 places, 0.5 less than in previous years, but due to the relative weakness of the Chinese League team, the outside world generally believes that if it comes to the play-offs, the Chinese Super League team should have a great advantage, so this year There is a high probability that the number of relegation places for the Super League team is 1.


Under the competition system of previous years, the Super League relegation battle was extremely cruel, and half of the teams were often involved. At the final stage, there are generally three or four teams that have not escaped the pain. At that time, contacts will play a key role: the long-term relationship between the teams and the personal relationship between the coaches will even surpass the strength of the teams and become an important factor. Because of this, the Super League has a "relegation look." "Local handsome".

在前几年的比赛体制下,中超联赛降级战极为残酷,一半球队经常参加。在最后阶段,通常有三到四支球队没有幸免。那时,联系将起关键作用:团队之间的长期关系以及教练之间的个人关系甚至会超过团队的实力,并成为重要的因素。因此,超级联赛具有“降级外观”。 “地方帅”。

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But this year is different. Under the two-round knockout system, no one can release their opponents. They can only fight to the end and try to get out of the hardship ahead of time. In this case, the relegation battle can only rely on oneself.


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From the team's point of view, relegation first depends on the coach. Because in this two-round contest, the match lasts for 180 minutes. The coach’s assessment of the situation, on-the-spot command and adjustments are extremely important. Even if they lose in the first round, there is a chance of a comeback in the second round. In the UEFA Champions League, there are many similar examples of defeating the strong by the weak. Most of the relegation teams in the Chinese Super League are relatively close. It is normal for who wins and loses. The key is to watch on the spot. Moreover, even if the first round is lost, there is still a chance to win and relegation in the second round. The coach's control over the team can give the players confidence and make them obey the command. This is very important. From this perspective, Jianye has the most variable because they have just changed their new coach. Havel has never experienced an independent coaching experience before. They faced such a brutal relegation battle when they first came up. No one knew they would What kind of label. Among the other popular relegation teams, Huang Hai has Wu Jingui and TEDA has Wang Baoshan. These recognized local excellent coaches have at least an advantage in controlling the team.

从球队的角度来看,保级首先取决于教练。因为在这场两轮比赛中,这场比赛持续了180分钟。教练对情况的评估,现场指挥和调整非常重要。即使他们在第一轮失败,也有可能在第二轮卷土重来。在欧洲冠军联赛中,有许多类似的例子,以弱者击败强者。中超联赛中大多数降级队伍都比较接近。谁输谁赢是正常的。关键是当场观看。而且,即使第一轮失败,第二轮仍有获胜和降级的机会。教练对球队的控制可以给球员信心,使他们服从命令。这个非常重要。从这个角度来看,建业具有最大的可变性,因为他们刚刚更换了新教练。 Havel之前从未经历过独立的教练经验。当他们第一次出现时,他们面临着如此残酷的保级战。没有人知道他们会贴什么样的标签。在其他受欢迎的保级队伍中,黄海有吴锦贵,泰达有王宝山。这些公认的当地优秀教练至少在控制团队方面具有优势。

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At the same time, all the relegation teams in the Super League have registered five foreign players. With the limited strength of local players, the relegation battle is largely based on the performance of the foreign players. It is foreseeable that most teams will choose to hoard heavily in the backcourt, and then rely on the personal ability of foreign aid to attack the frontcourt. Therefore, the forward line of each team is generally double foreign aid, with a foreign aid in the midfield to control the situation, and a foreign aid in the backcourt to lead. As far as foreign aid is concerned, among the several popular teams to be relegated, the Yellow Sea has the biggest variable. They exchanged Radonic and Popovich for the first time in the Super League. Whether they can play a role is still unknown. Only Alexander Drini is trustworthy. TEDA is going to bet on the new foreign aid Suarez, hoping that he can play the savior of the team, the abilities of Achim Peng and Ahmedov have been verified in the Super League. Jianye has the greatest advantage in this regard. As long as the trident combination of Ivo, Dorado and Kalanga is stable, the team's performance will be guaranteed. Only the new foreign aid center Shunich will have certain variables. In addition, several of Yongchang's foreign players are all old churros in the Super League. They performed well in the group stage, especially the sharp combination of Matthews and Muric's striker and the prospect of relegation is bright.

同时,中超联赛所有保级球队都注册了五名外国球员。由于本地球员的实力欧洲杯平台有限,保级大战主要取决于外国球员的表现。可以预见,大多数球队会选择在后场沉重地ard积,然后依靠外援的个人能力来进攻前场。因此,每支球队的前线通常是外援的两倍,中场有外援来控制局势,后场有外援来领先。就外援而言,在将要降级的几支受欢迎的队伍中,黄海的变化最大。他们在超级联赛中第一次交换了Radonic和Popovich。他们是否可以发挥作用仍然欧洲杯平台app下载未知。只有Alexander Drini是值得信赖的。泰达将投注新的外援苏亚雷斯,希望他能发挥球队的救星,阿奇姆·蓬和艾哈迈多夫的能力已在超级联赛中得到验证。建业在这方面具有最大的优势。只要Ivo,Dorado和Kalanga的三叉戟组合稳定,团队的表现就能得到保证。只有新的外国援助中心Shunich会有某些变量。此外,永昌的几名外国球员都是中超的老油条。他们在小组赛中表现出色,尤其是马修斯和穆里克的前锋的强强联合,降级的前景一片光明。

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In addition, from the past, the comprehensive strength of the club in the relegation battle is not only reflected in the team, but also in heavy stimulus. In this regard, the local tycoon teams such as Shenzhen and Dalian are naturally rich in money, and among the relegation teams, TEDA, as the only seed of Tianjin football, will stay in the Super League at all costs. The two newly promoted teams, Huanghai and Yongchang, have relatively financial resources. Limited, there will be a certain gap in this regard.


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